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“ Through our partnership, beauty influencer collaborations become a seamless process. ”

Fredrik, Chief Executive Officer

What we do

We find brands and agencies who don't just need access to relevant influencers. They also need creative concepts, content production, logistical and project management support.

Our marketplace allows you to explore our community of content creators and connect with them in a meaningful way so that they can help tell your story. It brings professionalism, structure and scale to the world of content, empowering your brand to inspire millions of people around the world.

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Our story with L’Oréal
Open Innovation
  • We pitched our solution to Lancôme & the Open Innovation team.

  • We launched a first campaign with Matte Shaker Lipstick by Lancôme!

  • We co-created the Matte Shaker movement #bantheboring with
    4 charismatic influencers.

  • We are now scaling up to provide Tailify to L’Oréal Brands

Is your startup ready
co-create the future
of Beauty with us?