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“ Sampler makes it easy for brands like L’Oréal to get product samples into the right hands. ”

Marie, Founder & CEO

What we do

Sampler’s product sampling management and insights platform helps brands distribute product samples to hyper-targeted audiences.

Brands can set up a campaign quickly and receive a predictable cost that includes everything from targeting, shipping and remarketing. Along the way, Sampler’s turnkey solution helps brands gather consumer feedback and demographic insights that will increase successful trial and in-turn conversion rates. Using Sampler, brands no longer need to hand out samples at random, and can get their product into the right hands.

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Our story with L’Oréal
Open Innovation
  • 2015: Started working with The Body Shop

  • 2017: Signed contract with Founders Factory

  • Jan 2018: Launched first pilot with ACD Division at L’Oreal

  • May 2018: Launching campaigns with 7 different L’Oreal brands in 5 different countries

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